Madrid Fashion Week 2019

Contemporary art and fashion by Arena Martínez - Mercedes Fashion week-2019

We are in front of the 69th edition of Madrid Fashion Week (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid) where the most prestigious firms present their collections for the next Autumn-Winter season (Autumn / Winter) MBFWMadrid has had an off program and six days that will host proposals by the great Spanish designers, reaffirming the important moment that … Read more

Who the hell are we?

People who like to think outside the box, and feel art from the streets to museums, from murals to the skin, from morning to night. Welcome Readers! My name is Arena, founder of the brand Arena Martínez. My purpose with the Brand and this blog is to elevate art to a new form: to our … Read more

#PRADA – Miuccia Prada’s Artists

The first collaboration I’d like to look at is a personal favourite of mine, and probably one of the first collections that made a significant impression on me; Prada. In the last decade, Miuccia Prada has collaborated with visual artists at least twice – and they are both up there in my all time favourite … Read more

Interviewing Papartus: Lessons in individuality

The Spanish artist and original Arena Martinez collaborator on his return to exhibiting and the ‘double art’ of dressing. ‘Describe your art in one word.’ ‘Myself.’ Individuality is vital to Papartus, the artist with whom we created our first collection of Arena Martinez kimonos. ‘It’s myself. It’s autobiographical, it’s how I see the world. For … Read more


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