Arena Martínez Projects

From the passion and love for art that Arena Martínez brings to her garments, a project was born in 2018 in parallel to the fashion brand, this time focused entirely on the world of Contemporary Art.


Arena Martínez Projects arises from the need to provide support to contemporary Spanish artists so that their works have a greater exposure and reach both nationally and internationally. At AMP we represent artists, organize visits to studios, organize art exhibitions, sales of art and we participate in national art fairs, such as Estampa or JustMad, and international ones, among others.


We firmly believe that all the artists we collaborate with deserve to be known and that is why we are constantly looking for options that can catapult their works.


Recently AMP has entered as a verified art gallery to the world-renowned art platform Artsy. Thanks to this platform, the works of our artists can be viewed and acquired anywhere in the world.

We currently have pieces by Spanish artists such as Papartus, Carlos Pesudo, Castrortega, Hilario Bravo, Jose M. Ciria and Florentino Díaz.


The works that we currently have available on the platform are a selection made by the hand of each artist, which clearly represent their unique styles.


From a focus of constant search for new plastic techniques and learning in the works of Hilario Bravo; through Castrortega’s large-format and abstract works that denote a world of feelings and personal references; the works of Papartus that represent a perfectly disorganized chaos of colors and shapes that vibrate on the walls; the pieces by Jose M. Ciria that denote an exploration and diversity in techniques and materials; the works of Florentino Díaz with a social and historical focus and perfectly executed minimalism; and the works of Carlos Pesudo, the youngest of our artists, who little by little is gaining ground in the Spanish artistic sphere thanks to his works that seek to question their meaning.


Each of the published works is ready for shipment and has the originality certification and signature of the artist. You can go to our Artsy profile to visit our gallery