Estampa Art Fare: October 2021 Edition

Some weeks ago, if you remind, we told you that for all the contemporary art lovers will have a date in the art fare Estampa.


Know a little bit more about Estampa Art Fare


Last weekend, this fare was celebrated, and we couldn’t be more certain: it was such an authentic success. Despite the last year celebration, this was the first time after the sanitarian crisis impulsed by COVID, where we could enjoy the most seemly to an old art fare, and because of this, a great number of spectators, artists and art collectors, came to Estampa to enjoy Contemporary Art.


Slow Fashion - Made in Spain - Arena Martínez Projects - Estampa Art Fare - 2021 - 3


As you would know, Arena Martinez Projects, had the chance to participate in this fare in the stand number 3C24, where there were exposed art works from Elena Gual, characteristic known because the use of impasto technique, and for the representation of Women faces in the majority of her pieces.


Slow Fashion - Made in Spain - Arena Martínez Projects - Estampa Art Fare - 2021 - 2


Papartus, has also been presented in the AMP stand, where if you were, you would have the chance to appreciate how he uses the Colors and forms, to create and stimulate the spectator’s emotions.

For one side, we could also have the opportunity to meet Peter Zimmermann and his experimental materials like resins to create art pieces.

Finally, we could know the work of Carlos Cartaxo and Juana Gonzalez. Carlos has standed out for his work, where geometric abstraction shows a place where encrust the material, social and domestic area in an illusive manner.

Juana, for the other side, gave us her characteristic and very striking painting, of two hugged wolves, where the measures, colors and forms, put forward the emotions of the spectator.


Slow Fashion - Made in Spain - Arena Martínez Projects - Estampa Art Fare - 2021 - 4


It was an edition, characterized for the great diffusion of the projects and the huge visibility in social media, both by the spectators and the own galleries themselves, being such a huge success as to sells and art adquisition.

Finally, for all the art lovers, this fare, has been like going through back times and enjoy the Fares like before, proving that the culture is a safe place and it must continue to be, being supported and diffused by everyone who loves it.

So, you must know, that if you want to enjoy this experience, we will see you next year.