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Slow Fashion - Made in Spain - Arena Martínez - Estampa Art Fare - 2021

Probably, you should know that Arena Martinez, is a brand which has been built around the relationship between the Contemporary Art and Fashion.

Because of this relation, some years ago, we created Arena Martinez Projects, a program that tries to give some visibility to the most inspirational contemporary artists, acting such as intermediary in art fares and exhibitions.

This year, like the before, from Arena Martinez Projects, we have had the opportunity to participate in the Art Fare Estampa, a space where every autumn for 29 years, we could see the work and pieces of many contemporary artists.

This fare, projects a program of national and international art collectors to show our national galleries, to focus in Spanish and Portuguese contemporary art.

It will have place from 21 to 24 of October, in the third pavilion in IFEMA MADRID. There, you could have the opportunity to know the program of the biggest Spanish galleries, meet with international collectors, participate in debates and forum, and much more.

Arena Martinez Projects, will be in 3C24 stand inside the third Pavilion, and there you can see:

First of all, Peter Zimmermann, a German artist known for the digital manipulation of art catalogues, photographies, book covers and other experimentations.

Second of all, you will know, Elena Gual, the Spanish artist who is known for using the impasto technique, which developed when she studied in the Academy of Art in Florence. She is an artist that explores the connection between the photography and painting, and she is in London collaborating with Grove Square Art Gallery.

Slow Fashion - Made in Spain - Arena Martínez - Estampa Art Fare - 2021 - 1

Third of all, you will know the Spanish artist Parpatus which art works with the baroque-style and the excess of colour in the majority of his pieces because he tries to create emotions to their spectators when they see them.

In the fourth place, we will have Carlos Cartaxo. He tries to explore the two-dimensionality place and the geometric abstraction, manipulating photographies which they suffer such a transformation process with mechanics and plastic materials.

Slow Fashion - Made in Spain - Arena Martínez - Estampa Art Fare - 2021 - 2

Finally, we will have the opportunity to know Juana Gonzalez. The figurative painter who tries to represent unusual figures in her pieces with character in their real size.

Slow Fashion - Made in Spain - Arena Martínez - Estampa Art Fare - 2021 - 3

If you want to come to meet this artist and so much more, we will be in the third pavilion, 3C24 stand inside IFEMA MADRID.

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