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Share your arts

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Exclusive fashion with contemporary art - Arena Martínez - Imagen concurso Arena Martínez - covid-19-2

Last week, on our instagram profile, we decided to run a contest, based on originality and creativity, creating a template based on our CEO / founder of the brand, Arena Martinez. The idea arose from the current situation we are experiencing, with the intention of doing something different so that our followers had a little time to disconnect and simply give rise to creativity and support in some way all the people who are in their homes.

The bases to participate in this contest were easy and simple to follow.

  • Participations made between April 1 to April 8, 2020 until 12:00 p.m. were considered valid.
  • Follow @arenamartinezofficial.
  • Capture the template that we share on our instagram.
  • Let yourself be carried away by the artist inside you, being creative to fill this drawing in the most original way and fill these sad days with colors.
  • You can print it, paint it on your mobile, on your computer or tablet, whatever you want.
  • Finally, share it in your stories mentioning 5 friends who want to participate, mentioning @arenamartinezofficial and with the hashtag #compartetuarte
  • Select 5 finalists, based on 5 categories that aim to meet all the skills of the participants.
  • These categories are:
    • originality
    • technical-artistic quality
    • trendsetter
    • motivational quality
    • creativity and imagination.
  • The jury made up of people from the Spanish artistic scene will select the finalists, who will be announced at 18:00 via Instagram.
  • The winner will be selected from among 5 finalists.


Finalists: Received a design mask from Arena Martínez

Winner:  Received a bag of Arena Martínez valued at € 650


As we have already mentioned, the jury is made up of people from the Spanish artistic scene, and has given us their help to choose the finalists of the contest.

MisterPiro: Urban artist with whom we made our latest collaboration of leather bags.

Casa de Indias: Contemporary art center with artist’s residence in the port of Santa María.

Sabrina Amrani: Gallery owner with two spaces in Madrid.

Alegria Gallery: Contemporary Art Gallery in Madrid.

Semíramis González: Art curator and director of the JustMAD art fair


First 25 designs were selected in each category for the selection of the 5 finalists, which later our followers voted on our instagram deciding the winner of the contest.

@adrianafemco: Our committee selected this design for its minimalism and pure color to fix these gray days.

@emilygarc: Our committee selected this design for technique and result.

@martinsaenzestefania: Our committee selected this design for the accuracy of the composition and the air of freedom and joy that it breathes.

@ineschurruca: Our committee selected this design as a clear and beautiful tribute to our current panorama. Anonymous heroines with a color spirit.

@dimersss: Our committee selected this design for its originality and pure minimalism.




Our winner @ineschurruca made a current representation of the current situation and we loved the anonymous heroines.   

Exclusive fashion with contemporary art arena martinez covid concurso 5

We want to thank you, for having been so many who had participated, they have had very good proposals and our committee had a very difficult time in selecting the finalists. We are very happy with the result and we hope you enjoyed this fun initiative.

Thank you.


#share your art


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