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The art of Living Frigicoll

Approximate reading time:2 mins.

14 November, 2018

On Tuesday 13th of November, we attended a private event at The Art of living Frigicoll in Villanueva street number 36 near the Wellington Hotel in Madrid, wonderfull space, we recommend you visit it if you have the opportunity.

During the event, several artists that have had something to do with fashion, exhibited their works; among others, two of our collaborating artists; Papartus and Marina Vargas.


We presented two kimonos from different collections; one of them from the new collection: 9 oF cups from MNÉMOSYNE.. The work means the end of a cycle. We let go of the past to start a new path.The nine of cups tells us of fulfilled desires and spiritual as well as material abundance.

In the other hand, we presented a bestseller , from the collaboration with PAPARTUS, SERENDIPITY.

Before the dinner, there was a tour by the two directors of JustMad Artfair “Semiramis González and Daniel Silvo” they both introduced the pieces while the director of the magazine Mary Claire ” María Pardo” would give her point of view of each artwork and her interpretation of how the pieces are connected to the fashion industry, it was very interesting. We also had the chance to hear all artists speak about their pieces, amongs others, Arena Martínez explained the two kimonos exhibited.


We had the chance to witness a show cooking by Chef Juliano from Italy. It was very different because there were no plates, the chefs cooked and served the food directly on the tablecloth, we have never seen that before and it was very original.

The show was divided into four gastronomic experiences:

First of all, a crunchy appetizer with tomato and cheese.

The second dish, the dish was a pumpkin risotto with crunchy ham.

The third dish consisted in a scallop covered by a slice of bacon and mashed potatoes.

And to finish, the dessert was chocolate bonbon with coconut chisp, IT WAS AMAZING!

It was a very special show, and dinner and we had the chance to have an amazing time with great artists like Ernesto Artillo , amongs others.


Thanks yo JustMad artfair for this wonderfull evening. It is very interesting to see that artfairs are creating events like this.

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