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The demand and need for brands to get involved and bet on a more circular economy is increasing.

At Arena Martínez we are committed to turning towards a more conscious production and communication in fashion, being responsible for the social and environmental impact. We develop our Supply Chain consciously, prioritizing a more circular economy with the optimization of each process, lengthening the life cycle of each piece and promoting awareness and respect for the environment.


We develop capsule collections, with very limited units, prioritizing quality, uniqueness and awareness when creating each piece.

The use of natural fiber textiles such as recycled cotton poplin or synthetics exclusively made from recycled polyester and also using organic Florence Twill.

Collection packaging: bags made from recycled cotton.

For our next collection we are incorporating technical systems and sustainable materials in order to minimize the impact of our productions.

  • Biomaterials: We are currently investigating and implementing the production and use of biomaterials that are environmentally friendly in both their production and life cycle.
  • Digitization: both pattern development and prototyping are being done digitally in CLO3D, which recognizes not only an innovation in the production process but also a more sustainable alternative.
  • Natural pigments: The dyeing process is being carried out by using natural pigments, an ecological alternative less polluting for our environment.


Strengthening the local economy. Manufacturing exclusively nationally in Spain.

Pattern made by Spanish women who are independent workers.

Printing in a company in Bilbao and buying fabrics in Madrid.

Handmade in a small workshop in Madrid.

Collaborating with Spanish artists, equally men and women, promoting and offering a platform to give visibility to their talent.


We optimize each internal process, expanding responsible practices throughout the value chain by collaborating with other conscientious companies such as our print supplier.

Use of water-based inks and fabrics with GOTS, OEko-Tex or GRS certification.

We bet on a more sustainable distribution alternatives when working with the TIPSA courier company. Awarded for its sustainable awareness and high degree of commitment and quality, obtaining the ISO certification of environmental management.

They are also a leading collaborator in the fight against Covid-19 for admirable social action.


We try to keep the materials in the cycle as long as possible, minimizing waste and extending the products´ life expectancy.

-Creating capsule collections from leftover scraps

Toile reused to create new clothes for fashion shows, hand painted by artists for example.

– Remnants reused as visual elements in the display of our events (ex. Scraps used to create a structure simulating a flower garden with our prints)

-Collaboration with manufacturers from Galería Preciados to create this collection from thousands of threads and trimmings that were going to be discarded.

-Cessation of surplus materials and scraps to artists to develop their works.

-We adjust the excess stock with discounts to give it an exit, avoiding burning your pieces under any circumstances.

-We offer product repairation to facilitate lengthening the use of customers



We are one of the leading brands in Es Fascinante. Spanish platform that raises the voice of Spanish talent and the Slowfashion movement. We won the 2019 Es Fascinante Young Designer Award.


Charity auction to help the Association “Juegaterapia” to build a garden at the Niño Jesús hospital. Auction of bags designed by Arena and hand painted by artists.

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