About the Brand, Bringing fashion and art together

You are the canvas

Arena Martinez is a brand that brings Contemporary art to another dimension. To our bodies, to our skin. Fashion and Art are worlds where creativity is oxygen and talent is water. We merge these spheres together, creating a new platform for these worlds to coexist.

Every collection is inspired on a unique artist. We take the time to know each artist and their work, we then hang out in their studio to see them in their element and understand all the essence and passion that goes into each of their pieces. We collaborate by selecting a few of their works to ultimately transform them into wearable pieces, letting art be with you wherever you go.

Established in 2017, is growing to become a daring, cosmopolitan, different, confident and contemporary brand with the aim to make our clients feel unique, express their unique selves and stand out wearing dared pieces of art that will make them feel special and will be a treasure in their closet.  

We opened the MBFWM in July 2019 and had a google talk a few months later to speak about the brand and the many collaborations with artists such as Papartus, Marina Vargas, Juan Sotomayor and Mister Piro as well as with Juliao Sarmento, Jannis Varelas, Jose Manuel Ciria, Santiago Ydañez, Alberto Corazón, Felipao, Torre Mayado, Jose Dávila, Miki Leal, Cristina Lamas, Jorge Galindo, Felicidad Moreno, Carlos León, Demo, Salustiano, Carlos Cartaxo, Mattias Sanchez and Okuda.

Arena, an eye for creativity

Founder & Designer

The brand´s Founder and designer, Arena is from Madrid, Spain where she was born into a family of art lovers. She has been exposed and involved in the contemporary art scene from as early as she can remember. Being passionate about all forms of art, she has always thought of ways of bringing it to another spectrum and having it accessible to everyone.

However, she lived abroad from her country for twelve years. She had a Swiss education and then moved to London where she studied her International Business degree while working at key auction houses. After her degree, she studied fashion management, marketing and manufacturing at Central Saint Martins while working for Art Dubai.

Attending world renown art fairs, participated in panel discussions about art collecting she is prepared to create new ways for the world to live and access Contemporary art through one kind wearable pieces of art.