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Arena Martínez – New collection Mnémosyne: By Marina Vargas

Approximate reading time:2 mins.

Last thursday we launched the our new collection “Mnémosyne”.

For this, we have chosen a very special artist which is known by its exhibits and symbolism of her pieces focused in the tarot cards. She is an inspiring woman who shares the values of our firm: Marina Vargas.


The line of work that she has been doing is based on the revision and investigation of the religious, alchemy and magic signs, to reinterpret or modify them, in order to create new stories or existential questions.

That is why we called the new collection Mnémosyne, which means the mother of all the muses. The nature of her work walks on the catwalk which promises to be a nocturnal journey where the pieces converse each other when nobody looks at them.

Our artist Marina has a wide national and international career.

Her work has received numerous awards and recognitions such as the ABC Museum of drawing and illustration, where she exhibited her project “The lines of the destiny”; the Basque Museum of Contemporary Art of Vitoria Gasteiz ARTIUM or the CAAM.

Also, she is currently preparing what will be her second exhibition in Mexico, in Ge gallery.

In this collection we have developed new garmets apart from kimonos. Winter coats and french coats for a woman that want to stand out and be special in a cold winter.

All the manufacturing is handmade in small local workshop in Spain, Madrid, taking care of every detail to create a unique and special pieces.

Also, for this new collection, we have made editions of 15 garmets, where all the pieces are numbered by Arena´s hand.

The presentation and catwalk of this collection was at Club Matador, a very exclusive club in Madrid, where the assistants could see the magic of the new collection with artsy looks and performances, being able to appreciate the beauty of the spectacle where art and fashion mixed in a very unique way.

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