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Arena Martínez SS18: By Sotomayor

Approximate reading time:3 mins.

In a few weeks we will launch our next Spring / Summer 2018 collection.

For this we have chosen an artist that we admire and that also shares the values of our firm, Arena Martinez: Juan Sotomayor.


The line of work that he have been developing for a few years can be identified with what a scientist does, with the rigorous and methodical task of the researcher looking for hidden certainties, realities that emerge only with the favour of time and attentive concentration. His pictorial activity is supported by the study of the properties of light, its behavior on the surface. But, just as he says, it also has a lot of game, of playful experience consisting in controlling chance, catching it and containing it for eventually, and this is the primary objective, dominate it absolutely. He put traps to light, to test and check its reaction in a game full of plastic possibilities, “light has infinite resources to deceive the human eye”.



In this way, by eliminating the chromatism of certain sectors of the surface, he is finding new realities that create a great variety of light contrasts and, above all, definitely liberate the main protagonist of the game: the vertical line. We could say that these vertical wefts that now take place on the horizontal painting strips have lived in captivity until now. It has been from the denial of the identity of the lyrical landscape when these small plots have come to light. The denial and dissolution of horizontal painting supposes the birth of the vertical order. Now, these signs mark the strong previous unidirectionality generating a whole system of rhythms, a rhythmic reading of the surface.


Materials such as silk and lurex with which we have developed the new kimonos perfectly reflect the meticulous work that Sotomayor has embodied in his works.

This week we are preparing the photoshot for the new campaign with the photographer Sergio Almarcha and we will finish receiving all the production of the workshop which, as we have already told many times, is done manually in small local workshops, taking care of every detail to create unique and special garments.


The official presentation of the new collection will be on March 21 in Madrid, where we will celebrate a private party to publicize the complete collection to press, stylists and friends from the art world.

If anyone is interested to join please contact us at


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