Art Basel: 2019 Edition

Contemporary art and fashion by Arena Martínez - Art -Basel-1

Year after year Art Basel has been in charge of fascinate its public with all its exhibitions, in its different cities. The 2019 edition of Art Basel took place last June 13th – June 16th at Messe Basel, loaded with innovation in techniques, also including representatives and exhibitions from around the world, who have been responsible for representing the sense of the novel and inclusive.

Art Basel 2019. PH:
Europe has always been strongly represented in the art world, and this time the fair has been replenished with the presence of galleries from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, India, among others.’Aggregate’ by Alexandra Pirici, has undoubtedly been one of the most acclaimed in this edition, based on all her knowledge about natural art, art history, and day to day human being, she has offered us a wonderful performance and which It has left all visitors breathless, and leaving the representation of Romania on high.
‘Aggregate‘ by Alexandra Pirici. PH:
It should be noted that this is the second consecutive year in which Art Basel has been responsible for being the curator of the VIP weekend program, where more than 100 collectors from all over the world participated, and that Art Basel has also managed to implement a price system designed so that all its benefits are allocated to art galleries with smaller stands.

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