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COVID-19, Why don’t we take advantage of these difficult times to do what we never have time to do?

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Time is one of the few things that cannot be bought with money, human time is limited, many people would pay a fortune to have more time in their life. And it turns out … now they are giving us time!

It is clear that we are (all) in a difficult situation, but there is nothing better than taking it philosophically and for those of us in quarantine, making the most out of having a home and a thousand things to do.

When do you have time to read all the books you would like to read? And if you don’t read,
Why not take the opportunity to start doing something that has been recommended to you all your life? Now you have time.

Now you have time to reflect on so many things that happen in front of you every day and you never have time.

Call those friend you have lost contact with – it will make you happy and them happy.
Take a virtual tour of a museum. Discover the number of free online courses there are to learn everything you always wanted to study or know.
Update your CV, meditate, take care of yourself – not only against coronavirus, take care of yourself, take a good bath like you haven’t done in a long time. Learn to cook new things, organize your life, your mind. Start recycling, sing, dance – don’t say no to anything, whenever it is, indoors.

Find out more about yourself, now that you have time.

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