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EL MAL QUERER, when a story becomes fashion

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slow fashion made in Spain - Arena Martínez - El mal querer-2

MAL QUERER is a narrative collection, inspired by the album of the same name, and which, through a series of 20 looks, seeks to develop a story of love, heartbreak and empowerment, illustrating and creating a deep relation between each look and one of the Major Arcana Cards of the Tarot deck.




Described as a timeless and genderless collection, EL MAL QUERER seeks to present garments that evoke and represent the different moments and emotions of the narrative proposed by the designer, giving the added value to the garments of establishing a direct connection with the wearer, who does not use each piece for the mere fact of dressing the body, but because it creates a link with what each look represents, making it its own and identifying with the clothes.




This is how we find a collection full of romance and meaning that we consider as a very interesting work and we could not stop sharing it with you, you can see more of this collection at

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