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Who the hell are we?

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People who like to think outside the box, and feel art from the streets to museums, from murals to the skin, from morning to night.

Welcome Readers!

My name is Arena, founder of the brand Arena Martínez. My purpose with the Brand and this blog is to elevate art to a new form: to our bodies, to our skin.

Collaborating with different artists, we provide a breath of artsy creativity to the fashion spirit.

We develop a new way of creating a collection, getting inspired by Contemporary Art.

Submersed in an artist´s universe, we selet fragments or complete art works to serve us as our conceptual starting point of our collections.

Our clients seek that unique spirit only felt and lived in the art scene and we want to share this unique lifestyle in a visual and interesting way to curious readers.

Never forgetting the concept and style, which are the soul of our Brand.

A brave bet, an ode to the creative arts.



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