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Arena Martínez interviewed in El Mundo tells the details of his career from the beginning until today

Approximate reading time: 1 min.
Slow fashion - Made in Spain - Arena Martínez - Harper's Bazaar - Press - El Mundo Interview with Arena Martínez

In this interview with the newspaper El Mundo, Arena Martínez reveals all the details of the brand and reveals his tastes and his original way of understanding art and fashion.

If you want to know more about Arena Martínez’s relationship with the world of art and fashion since childhood and his vision for the future of his brand, be sure to read this interesting article.

You can also learn more about the origin of art-decorated kimonos, an iconic garment of our brand.

In this link you can do it: The artist who brings paintings to jackets: “In Spain it is very difficult to start a small brand”


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