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La Razón: Arena Martínez: “The idea of my brand is to get art off the walls or out of the galleries and then onto the street, and what better way than through a car”

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REDIRIDA Slow Fashion made in Spain - Arena Martínez - Toyota by Arena Martínez in La Razón - 2

In this other article, La Razón gives us details about the collaboration between Toyota and Arena Martínez customizing the new Yaris Cross. It tells us how Arena was born into a family of art lovers, in fact her father is Papartus. In addition, it highlights Arena´s objective for taking art to other dimensions as in this case, from ceramics world to cars world. Then the article turns into an interview where Arena answers questions about her first thought about this collaboration, about the creative process, the union with her father or about her future.

Here you can read the interesting article on her website:



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