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Yo Dona: “Crazy about blazers, the fail-safe garment that transforms every season”

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Slow fashion made in Spain - Arena Martínez - Yo Dona Magazine - Press - Blazers - 01

“Yo Dona” has featured our blazers in the recent article titled “Crazy about Blazers, the Infallible Garment that Transforms Every Season.” This article highlights the versatility and ever-evolving nature of one of our favorite garments. We want to express our gratitude to “Yo Dona” for recognizing the significance of this iconic piece and for including us in their exploration of this topic.

The blazer is a garment with a rich and diverse history, tracing its origins to the British navy and its evolution into contemporary fashion. Over the years, the blazer has maintained its elegance and sophistication while embracing the comfort and versatility that the modern woman seeks in her wardrobe.

At Arena Martínez, we believe that the blazer is more than just a fashion item; it is a work of art in itself. Our focus on merging contemporary art with fashion allows us to offer blazers that are authentic expressions of creativity and personality. Each garment we create is a blank canvas that enables those who wear it to express themselves uniquely and boldly.

Slow fashion made in Spain - Arena Martínez - Yo Dona Magazine - Press - Blazers - 02
Flax Blazer by Arena Martínez
Slow fashion made in Spain - Arena Martínez - Yo Dona Magazine - Press - Blazers - 03
Cosmos Blazer by Arena Martínez

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This mention in “Yo Dona” is a testament to our commitment to innovative and high-quality fashion. We are proud to be part of the ever-evolving narrative of the blazer and to contribute to its transformation into something more than just clothing but a form of art.

We thank “Yo Dona” once again for including us in this article and for giving us the opportunity to share our vision of fashion with their audience. Thank you for your continuous support and for being part of Arena Martínez’s evolving story.

In the following link, you can view the complete article from Yo Dona: Locas por el blazer, la prenda infalible que se transforma cada temporada | Moda (

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