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Art Basel Hong Kong is still standing but without a physical audience

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Exclusive fashion with contemporary art - Arena Martínez - Art Basel - covid-19

Art Basel Hong Kong launches an online platform to present more than 90% of the participating galleries in this canceled edition.

You always wanted to go to Art Basel Hong Kong but due to circumstances you couldn’t? This is your moment, the already recognized fair has an ace up its sleeve to respond to the economic and social crisis that COVID is making all of humanity go through.

Online Viewing Rooms, is the application that they have developed to make art more democratic than ever and reach all art lovers.

The initiative has 233 galleries that will be exhibited virtually. It is worth noting the  resence of two Spanish galleries: Mayoral and Sabrina Amrani.

The bet is based on maintaining dynamism in cultural and artistic activities. Also, help the economy of artists, galleries and art fairs, which, like everyone, face a crisis that is coming to stay, much to our regret.

It is a model that can coexist, it will not be a substitute but a complement. Now there is no other way but the world is going digital and it will surely not end here because we already work a lot with email and the phone, this helps globalization ”, are Mayoral’s words.

The proposed format has its limitations: navigation is a bit complicated, since the conversation does not have a primary role, even the fact of observing the details carefully makes it difficult.

Also, the fact of constantly making decisions, where to click and where not. This is something that physically does not happen, the tour is usually more organic, and the surprises are greater.

With the Arena Martinez team we will keep an eye on everything that happens, and surely we will take advantage of this Easter to visit all those galleries that inspire us to develop our collections.

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