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ELLE 75th Anniversary

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Slow fashion made in Spain by Arena Martínez - ELLE 1

Belonging to the Hearst group, a world leader in communication, ELLE is the world’s largest fashion magazine and media brand that inspires women to explore and celebrate style in all aspects of their lives with content inclusive and innovative.

Created in Paris in 1945 by Hélène Lazareff, ELLE became a symbol of the social advance that the Second World War left, its founder Madame Lazareff, a renowned journalist, sought to give women a voice, listen to their fears and aspirations, and open them to fashion, beauty and culture in order to encourage them to take their place in the world, being a pioneer in the empowerment of women.



Since its inception, ELLE has been concerned with surrounding itself with writers who dare to speak about controversial issues but from a documented perspective in order for readers to form their own opinion, which has made it a phenomenon, in the same way the magazine is renowned for the quality of photography and storytelling making it a trusted authority for consumers and a go-to partner for celebrities, fashion, and beauty.


On this occasion to celebrate its 75th anniversary, the exhibition ELLE: 75 years alongside women has been presented at the Palacio de Cibeles, with which it is intended to honor all the women who have dreamed, walked and grown together with the magazine since 1945. All of them share universal values ​​that unite them above their nationality, age or race. All of them are positive, engaged, independent, chic, bold, creative, influential, sensitive and timeless. All of them have made their own way of looking at the world and form a borderless community that shares the same codes of love for fashion and for the joy of living.

The exhibition consists of 140 iconic covers of the magazine, as well as exclusive clothing, iconic accessories and original copies of the magazine since its inception.

ELLE has managed to stay relevant for 75 years, and now more than ever, as social movements have rallied around rights and the role of women’s voices in addressing key issues, the ELLE brand remains a light that promotes a world full of positivity, self-esteem, freedom and self-empowerment.

Congratulations and for 75 more years!

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