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ES Fascinante party

Approximate reading time:2 mins.
Moda online con arte contemporáneo - Arena Martínez - diseñador 1

LastThursday November 14th, we had the pleasure of attending and supporting first-handthe first slow fashion Party in Spain organized by ES Fascinante.


This partywas made with the purpose of celebrating the first year of ES Fascinante thatwants to promote Spanish Slow Fashion and give visibility to all the people whowere implicated in this project. The brands that were invited to the event aremade in Spain, which support sustainable, handmade and quality fashion that putall their efforts in a creative and different way to make their firms unique.

Some of the brands that were present in the event were Arena Martinez, As Bijoux, Verbena Madrid, Mikana, Maria Roch, Reliquia España, Fosca Bertrán and many more.



In this party, we wanted to give a preview of the new Macaroon Capsule Collection, which is composed of seven handbags created with the collaboration of the artist MisterPiro, who was present showing his talent in front of the guests, by drawing one of his art works.


Contemporary art and fashion by Arena Martínez - ES Fascinante - misterpiro


At the endof the party, the founders of ES Fascinante, Margarita y Valentina, gave aspeech about the “Slow Fashion Movement”, wrapping it up by giving two awardsto the present designers. The first one to Albert Coll Jewelry, award for theGreatest Trajectory of ES Fascinante, and the second prize was awarded to ourArena Martínez for being the youngest creator of ES Fascinante.

It was a fascinating event, and for that we want to thank them for all the support they give to designers like us, and for acknowledging the effort that is always behind each brand.


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