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Father’s Day: Celebrate Dad with something unique

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Slow fashion made in Spain - Arena Martínez - Father's Day - 5

This celebration is to honor the men who take care of us and make us what we are now, and the women who play both roles. Not in all parts of the world it is celebrated on the same day, but here in Spain it coincides with the day of San José.

Why celebrate it?

According to Christian tradition, Father’s Day is celebrated on the day of Saint Joseph, father of Christ, in other countries like Russia the day of the defenders of the fatherland is celebrated, in many other parts of the world the American tradition is adopted, within which a young woman named Sonora Smart Dodd, wanted to honor her father for having raised her 5 siblings and her on his own without the help of a mother figure, on a farm in Washington.

But the real reason we celebrate this day is a lesson about love. It is that person that we have been lucky enough to have in our lives to help us whenever we need it, who always seeks to protect us and take care of us, who makes the worst jokes in the world but somehow still makes us smile, and all that number of things that a loved one does for us even when he has to be the bad guy for our sake.

This Father’s Day we bring you our latest collection, in collaboration with Papartus, who has been a great inspiration and a great support for our CEO, he is one of those special fathers who shows unconditional love without expecting anything in return.



Slow fashion made in Spain - Arena Martínez - Father's Day - 3




Slow fashion made in Spain - Arena Martínez - Father's Day - 4

This collection, with a very beautiful message behind it, gives us the opportunity to share with you unique pieces that reflect this lesson in love. Celebrate yours with an Arena Martinez ceramic vase to put some beautiful flowers that fill the house with joy, or decorate the table with one of our jugs, in that special breakfast that you have prepared for them.



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