Luxury made in Spain

For fashion lovers, there is nothing better than purchase some luxury product once in our life, if it’s not, Whom would not like to have a bag, shoes or accesory from our favorite luxury brand?

When we speak about luxury, we have always think about brands and Haute Couture Houses like Chanel, Givenchy, Dior…but not all the time we Think about Spanish brands, instead of being inside the actual luxury world. This is very comun because we dont have kind of information about Spanish brands, but dont worry, because we are talking about right now.

If we travel along the time, some years ago, we would notived that it was with Pedro Rodríguez, a very closed friend to Balenciaga, who created the “Spanish Brand” of the Haute Couture Houses. He was also, the responsable to create the Spanish Haute Couture Coorperation, for protect, difund and enhance the Spanish fashion. Inside this team, we could find big designers from fashion history such as Pertegaz, Santa Eulalia, Asunción Bastida or Dique Flotante, as well know as The Biggest Five of Haute Couture.


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From this moment, Spanish fashion begin to introduce inside the luxury world, but it was with Cristobal Balenciaga when we reached the first position inside the International fashion outlook.


Slow Fashion - Made in Spain - Arena Martínez - Luxury - made in Spain - Balenciaga


Another biggest Spanish brands, which luxury lovers known very much is Loewe. His first, German designer, bought one leather workshop in Madrid and since that moment, they are creating all their pieces with a very high artesanal level.
Finally, we must not Forget to mention to Jesús Del Pozo, one of the drives and the President of the Spanish Fashion Creators, who was the most supporters and difundes of the 70’s Spanish Fashion.


Slow Fashion - Made in Spain - Arena Martínez - Luxury - made in Spain - Loewe - DelPozo


Nowadays, we could find such a enormous variety of Spanish fashion brands which bet for the luxury and High Couture, based on handcrafted process with high quality materials.
From Arena Martínez, we try to transmit this values and to work every one of our pieces having a exclusive point of view, sustainable and handcrafted, creating luxury pieces for everyone with such a high artistic level behind them.


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