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Slow Fashion: What is it and why you should join the movement?

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As consumers, we have always heard about sustainability, bio materials, recycled process, slow fashion, etc… But have we really know about what it means and why is so important in this moment?

Nowadays, humanity is going through some change process. This change, it has been taken slowly and gradually, but it’s happening right now, because if we want to be part of our future in planet earth, we must take it now. Because of this, lots of new movements, have surged during the last decade, which fight and work against the massive production and the exhaust of resources. One of these movements is slow fashion.

If we speak about Slow Fashion, we must know that is a new form to contemplate the fashion production. In this way, consumers try to do a responsable purchase, where the garments have been created inside of a fair trade, both socially and environmentally level.

To sum up, it is a movement guided to all the consumers who try to invest in high quality and durable garments, and have to be the brands the responsible to create these products under these conditions.

Currently, pioneer brands such as EcoAlf, Zer Collection, Craig Green… have engaged to participate in a fabrication process of durable pieces, created with sustainable materials and ecofriendly industry processes.

From Arena Martinez, we have always bet for Slow Fashion, where all our pieces have been handcrafted created in our small workshop in Madrid with sustainable materials. At the same time, we have wanted to go one step more, creating our future collection named as Revival.

This collection, tries to use some garments which have already existed, fabricated some years ago, with the objective of create other completely new, recycling textile waste from our offices. In this manner, we are creating unique pieces obtained of waste fabric with some Arena Martinez touch.

You will see it very soon.

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