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The new Toyota Yaris by Arena Martinez

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Slow fashion made in Spain - Arena Martinez - Toyota - Yaris Cross by Arena Martínez - 1

The 28th of October, from Arena Martinez, we have the great opportunity to present the new Toyota’s Yaris Cross, personalized in the most Arena’s style.



It was such a great pleasure from our brand to have this huge opportunity to personalize this car from the hand of Toyota and with the collaboration of Valyty. It was an enormous challenge, personally and professionally speaking, because never before we have had this any similar collaboration, specifically creating an object so different to what we use to create, but little by little, we start to think about our brand’s value, and we came to the conclusion that we have always try to extract the art of the walls, galleries and objects, to show them in urban places, and therefore what better than a car to be able to do that.

In this manner, we extracted the design of one ceramic’s collection realized in the middle of the quarantine in collaboration with Papartus. After this, everything developed in a very easy way.


This big event, took place on the 28th of October in Madrid, where it could make the presentation of our car with the invitation of influence people inside the fashion and art world.

We have the pleasure to have as guests; Sandra Escacena, Verónica Sánchez, Lucía Díez, Elena Rivera, Silma López, Teresa Riott, Mister Piro…among so many other artists who attempted.

All the event, was developed around the Studio 54 aesthetic and we have the chance to presence how the people took this style creating scandals looks.

At the same time, we could see our own clothes among the guests, taken to this aesthetic with so much personality and amazing strong.

We have the chance to see our marvelous suits like the Flax Suit, Archery, Pink Trip or Lum, where every person who wear them, they wear with his own personality making completely different and funny looks.

And not to mention, the looks which were created matching with the car!! They were a scandal and so well welcomed by the public, because…Who doesn’t like to be dressed completely matching his car.

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