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Digital resources implemented in the current context

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Slow fashion made in Spain by Arena Martínez - Digital resources - 1

Quarantine, Covid-19 and the current changing context has taken us by surprise to all of us. From Arena Martínez we have sought and implemented many communication channels to continue having a relationship with our clients and customers. Tools that ranged from multiple recommendations in quarantine stages to new ways of communicating our products.

Although we appreciate the work of photographers carrying out our campaigns, the models that have always accompanied us, stylists, makeup artists and the entire team. We have encountered great difficulties when it comes to having a conventional campaign for our new summer collection and the earrings made in collaboration with Cova Ríos that were presented in the midst of the pandemic. This is why resources such as digital illustrations, storytelling and photomontages have been a very important way of communication in recent months.

Putting all our effort in generating valuable creative work, we have found it a good idea to share with all of you some of the processes that we have carried out from the aforementioned tools used:

Slow fashion made in Spain by Arena Martínez - Digital resources - 2

Thanks to photographers and models who share their images for personal and commercial use, we have been able to make various photomontages of our new summer collection, either for campaigns, products, website or social networks.

For the masks we opted for digitally made illustrations that were later combined into storytelling. They were not only thought from the promotion of the product, but also as an innovative way of communication where we implement our guiding brand idea of merging art and fashion, generating a creative exchange with our users.

In a similar way, we made several videos based on digital illustrations revealing our earrings from the “Rock & Roll” collection, made in collaboration with the artist Cova Ríos, which is inspired by different dances and the dreams of enjoying them.

In the recent months, we have opted for innovative and differentiating technology to confront the current reality, throughout this time we have been investigatimg new ways of communication, we went from incorporating digital tools to the pursuit of creativity in them. This is how these new ideas came from our team work. And with this we want to end with a reflection: we must never let external situations block our projects. As designers and entrepreneurs we can always look for different ways to move forward and face the difficulties that come in our way.

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