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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid

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Slow fashion made in Spain by Arena Martínez - Mercedes Benz - Fashion Week - ss21 - 6

In the 72nd edition of Mercedez-Fashion Week Madrid, IFEMA has once again given place to present  the 2021 Spring- Summer collections of the most outstanding Spanish designers of the moment, both established and emerging talents, recognized for their enormous commitment to the local industry.

Here is some of the fashion shows that captivated us the most at the event, presented within the framework of Samsung EGO:

Accidental Cutting

Eva Iszor, who runs her own design and architecture studio, understands the project process in a transversal, experimental and limitless way.

Her collection “APOCALYPSIS the new reality SP 2021” arose from the current pandemic context where both fashion and life itself are affected by great contemporary uncertainties. At present day the established and previously known order of things is transformed, and is traversed by dreamlike and surreal situations interrelated with great contrasts.

The collection consisted of self-protective suits with futuristic aesthetic and solutions with a strong current symbolic load, where a clear concept was established regarding Covid-19 and its relationship with the body. The pattern making of the entire collection proposed a new way to re-signify the creative process nowadays: it has been carried out completely digitally through the CLO 3D process, which recognizes an innovation in terms of conventional production developments.

Robber Rodríguez

After a few months working as a freelance, designer Roberto Rodríguez debuted with his collection “Despierta Despierta” (Wake Up Wake Up). The collection centered in the relationship of the human being and its analogy with the awakening of a laboratory butterfly. A relationship that is established through the transformation process that we can recognize as transforming where one recognizes the acceptance of the feminine and masculine duality, the diversity of realities and feelings crossed by the romantic idea that love towards oneself grows in parallel with the love of the world around us.

The garments in the collection were made from the upcycled scraps and accumulated textiles used during his career in fashion studies. This led to the recycling and redefinition of crochet bedspreads, tablecloths, curtains and sheets.

The result? Unique and unrepeatable garments that respect and value the premises of slow fashion.

Thanks to his outstanding proyectual capacity, creativeness, his Strong handmade and sostenible Focus aprouch, his career as a designer beggins with one of the most important awards, mercedes benz fashion talent 2020.


Was fundated in Barcelona by Domingo Rodriguez Lázaro in 2016, the brand has been presented their collection “Uhura”. following their retro futuristic style, that was indpirated on this ocation in the science fiction, giving a place for the fighter, empowered, technological, and romantic woman who travels in space.

Greens, blues, lilacs, reds, oranges and pastel yellow have been the colors chosen by the designer. using holographic fabrics, sequins, mixes and deconstruction of textures, they had been managed to transport us to a place where emerged the characters and muses of Tekken Comic.

Paloma Suarez

Designer Paloma Suarez, considered one of the young talents in Spanish fashion, has presented her ss21 collection called “Self Love” which has summoned us with a clear message of revaluation of our environment, culture, art, traditions , crafts and trades.

The use of fabrics such as iridescent organza, crepe with glitter or metallic effect, details in tulle, natural silks, embroidered brocades and accessories intervened with artisan techniques stood out, giving rise to importance to crafts and sustainability.

Her collection has invited us to reflect on self-love, the power of the mind and the importance of our environment: that we often forget in a context of hectic and fast pace of life, with such massive and standardized consumption habits .

As every year, the renowned Samsung EGO Showroom for young creators has been organized where we have had the pleasure of being a part of it, presenting our new collection and some garments from previous seasons. We appreciate enormously the possibility of showing the Spanish slow fashion, supporting entrepreneurs and giving rise to project and technological exchange among all its participants and spectators.

This edition, it has been particular because of the actual circumstances; with security protocols and a decrease in the number of viewers allowed. It’s a time when everything is changing, which requires certain adaptations and modifications in the usual spaces. That’s why, from Arena Martínez, we support and value the big effort of organizers, designers, and the entire work team that made it possible to carry out the event in the middle of this context,and for believing once again on local economy and design.

Finally, we would like to thank Flash Moda’s interview that will soon be published in their media. We have had the pleasure of exchanging words with their representatives about our new collection.

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