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What will museum life be like in Madrid after COVID-19?

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If there is one thing we are sure of, it is that life after the pandemic will not be the same. What do we face when we talk about the “New Normal”? Museums are about to reopen and exhibitions await us there, albeit under new conditions.

The museums, which have been closed since March 12, are preparing to reopen to the public with limited capacity. The de-escalation phase – if everything works as planned – will make us wait until the end of May to be able to return to the life we love so much: that of walks to the doors of museums to see the collections. Our favorite is the permanent of the Thyssen, with Rothko, Lichtenstein and Hopper as hosts.

Mark Rothko. Untitled (green on purple) 1961. Mixed media on canvas 259 x 229 cm

The massive exhibitions as we knew them, seem something of prehistory. Returning to our usual museum life is not as far as it seems, although it will not be the same, we will have to adapt to certain measures so that the virus does not spread and avoid contagion.

“There will be periodic disinfections, gels, masks and screens in all areas where there may be some kind of contact. We want to make circuits so that no type of crowding occurs ”were the words of Borja-Villel, director of the Reina Sofía, who states“.


Open the museums as soon as possible

The most likely is that Reina Sofía will return to activity also in stages. The first thing would be to open the permanent collection and then the rest of the museum progressively. Our idea is to open as soon as possible and as much as possible ”.

The Thyssen museum estimates a loss of 6 million euros this year, however, the outlook looks positive, since most of its visitors are people who live in Madrid. Another incentive to wait patiently for the reopening is that the Rembrandt exhibition, which could only be seen for three weeks, will surely continue until the end of August.

Velázquez Room, chaired by ‘Las Meninas’s

On behalf of the Arena Martinez team, we invite you, with great caution, to visit museum rooms to learn, enjoy, cultivate and think of a better future. The museums of the Paseo del Arte await us, and we are eager for the reunion!.

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