Three outfits for three plans to shine this Christmas

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Christmas 2021 is here and with it our desire to shine and enjoy ourselves. Last Christmas was full of restrictions and limitations due to covid 19; however, this year we can come together and celebrate. In fact, I’m sure most of you have a full agenda of events and parties for this special time. But … Read more

Christmas breakfast at the showroom

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With the Christmas atmosphere that the month of December brings, last Tuesday 14th an event in the most Arena style took place in the Arena Martínez showroom since art was present throughout time.   The Christmas event proposed to her guests a challenge that consisted of painting a mug inspired by one of the works … Read more

The Spanish women entrepreneurs you need to know

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Last November 19th was the International Day of Entrepreneurial Woman, this day was created in 2014 in the council of the United Nations. The agency considered chose this date to promote, encourage, support, motivate and value the entrepreneurial capacity of women. The objective is to make women and female empowerment visible, as well as to … Read more

Arena Martínez Projects – Contemporary Art

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As you would know, from Arena Martínez, some years ago, in parallel it decided to create Arena Martínez Projects, with the purpose to give visibility to contemporary artists. After the great success of the madrilinean art fair Estampa, we have decided to give the opportunity to extend this visibility creating the new website:   … Read more

The new Toyota Yaris by Arena Martinez

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The 28th of October, from Arena Martinez, we have the great opportunity to present the new Toyota’s Yaris Cross, personalized in the most Arena’s style.     It was such a great pleasure from our brand to have this huge opportunity to personalize this car from the hand of Toyota and with the collaboration of … Read more

Estampa Art Fare: October 2021 Edition

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Some weeks ago, if you remind, we told you that for all the contemporary art lovers will have a date in the art fare Estampa.   Know a little bit more about Estampa Art Fare   Last weekend, this fare was celebrated, and we couldn’t be more certain: it was such an authentic success. Despite … Read more

Know a little bit more about Estampa Art Fare

Slow Fashion - Made in Spain - Arena Martínez - Estampa Art Fare - 2021

Probably, you should know that Arena Martinez, is a brand which has been built around the relationship between the Contemporary Art and Fashion. Because of this relation, some years ago, we created Arena Martinez Projects, a program that tries to give some visibility to the most inspirational contemporary artists, acting such as intermediary in art … Read more

Slow Fashion: What is it and why you should join the movement?

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As consumers, we have always heard about sustainability, bio materials, recycled process, slow fashion, etc… But have we really know about what it means and why is so important in this moment? Nowadays, humanity is going through some change process. This change, it has been taken slowly and gradually, but it’s happening right now, because … Read more

Autumn is here! Fashion Trends you don’t want to miss

Slow Fashion - Made in Spain - Arena Martínez - Autumn Tendencies - 2021

Autumn is here!! Finally, we could watch the new trends which will blow up the streets this season. Despite the situation we are living now, the designers have come back risking and creating all the time. Now, we could appreciate in the showcases bright colours, extreme textures and funny prints, besides other things. It is a … Read more

Luxury made in Spain

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For fashion lovers, there is nothing better than purchase some luxury product once in our life, if it’s not, Whom would not like to have a bag, shoes or accesory from our favorite luxury brand? When we speak about luxury, we have always think about brands and Haute Couture Houses like Chanel, Givenchy, Dior…but not … Read more